Why use a Showit Template?

Fully Customisable

You can change the fonts and colours for all of the pages in just a few clicks and just double click on the elements you want to change to change them. It's super easy to make a template your own.

Drag & Drop

It's a true drag and drop builder, what you see is what you get so it's really easy for you to manage and update - you have total control.

Wordpress Blog

It uses WordPress for blogging - WordPress is the worlds most popular blogging platform. So, you get the best of both worlds - easy to use platform to build the website and the best blogging platform for your blog posts.

No code

You don't need to know any website languages or code to be able to use our templates.

Mobile Design

You can customise the mobile view just as easily as you can the desktop view. Which means, your mobile site will look just as beautiful as your desktop site.

Look at what tonic have got!

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It's this easy!...


Installing your newly purchased Showit template is super easy! As soon as you make your purchase you'll get a Shared Deisign Key. Then you just need to do the following 5 simple steps:

  1. Log into your account and click on "Your Designs"
  2. Click on "Add Design to Library"
  3. Enter your "Shared Design Key" and hit Enter
  4. Then click on "Add Now" to add the template to your library
  5. Click on the design, then click on "Start With This Design"

See! We told you it is easy!


If you thought installing the template was easy, wait until you check out Showit's drag and drop editor! We think it's the best website builder out there!

Just click (or double click) on any element to make adjustments to it. It's so intuitive, once you get practicing you'll get the hang of it in no time!

Don't want to do it alone?

Showit Template Customisation

Choose a template and we'll add your branding, images and copy for you.

Custom Showit Website

Fancy having something that is 100% you! Let us design a custom Showit Website for you.

We get it... It can be daunting. A Showit template is a great way to DIY and still have a beautiful website that fits your brand. But if you want a little more help, let us help you.